Lana Nassir, born December 29, 1998, is a Graphic Designer
and a Production Assistant with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
and an Associate’s in Art Design. She formerly worked alongside Clutch
Magazine’s Graphic Design team, as well as a Creative Director
of her own work, Rest In Lovers.

    She collaborates and assists with behind
the scenes video and photo shoots. She previously worked as
Lead Graphic Design for Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana located in
Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona. She was also contracted as a
Social Media & PR Specialist for the Marketing Agency known as Knoodle
in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Her most recent major projects consisted of Web Design for Centria Autism
& graphic curations with the Electoral Race that took place in early
November 2022. It was an established collaboration with current
Democratic Governor and Senator Katie Hobbs & Mark Kelly.